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[TxMt] Re: how is the project folder determined (for search)

Allan Odgaard-4

On 27 Sep 2017, at 23:02, Tim Bates wrote:

How is the project folder determined? Specifically, I’ve got a tab open which is in a folder marked in the filebrowser (^⌥⌘-D) as the project folder (at least ) it’s ticked in the little drop down menu (see image).

But… If I ⇧⌘-F (find in project), the Dropbox folder is selected… What determines what is set when one used command-shift-F?

When you use ⇧⌘F then it defaults to the project folder unless focus is in the file browser, in which case it will default to the selected items in the file browser.

If this happens, you can press ⇧⌘F again, and it switches to project folder.

Regarding file browser selection: Note that this allows you to select multiple files and/or folders, invoke the project search, and then only search the items that were selected in the file browser.

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