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Allan Odgaard-4

On 8 Oct 2019, at 20:55, Rob Brackett wrote:

P.S. Allan, I think a while back, you or some other major contributor mentioned it might be better to try and integrate EditorConfig support directly into TextMate, since plugins like this can be a bit fiddly and it’s hard for third party compiled code to get at the non-dynamic C++ bits like the actual settings struct attached to an OakDocument. I was thinking the right place to start for that would be to add support for the two EditorConfig settings that don’t have an equivalent in TextMate (trim_trailing_whitespace and insert_final_newline) to the settings struct and to OakDocument. Does that seem like a good idea? Should I just submit a pull request to https://github.com/textmate/textmate <https://github.com/textmate/textmate>?

I am definitely open for native EditorConfig support, but with 2.0 now “final”, I’m expecting some refactoring with one of the goals being to have more of the C++ interfaces moved to Objective-C classes and “inline” the load/save process (it’s currently way to complicated), so if the plug-in currently works, I’d not recommend investing too much time on a PR based on the current code base, as at least I don’t see an obvious place where these features should be added to the current code, but I’ll keep them in mind when I get around to refactoring.

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