Sweet New TextMate GUI Overhaul

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Sweet New TextMate GUI Overhaul

Green Moleskine is a group of the best modifications, additions, and plugins to Textmate including parts of SuperMate and Leopard Dark 2 and several custom graphics put together by a coder who got TextMate Fever / the Purple Plague and includes these updates which you may pick and choose to use at will:

    * New Icon designed from a Moleskine and an actual pen
    * Many SuperMate additions
    * Inclusion of a few useful plugins:
          o Webmate Web Editing Plugin for TextMate
                + Allows inline editing for the web preview
                + Uses safari's webkit rendering engine
          o SVNMate Plugin for TextMate
                + Indicates SVN status of files edited/modified/deleted/etc
          o MissingDrawer Plugin for TextMate
                + Kills the Drawer and replaces with a window panel like Mail.app and most other Leopard apps
    * Pulls in Leopard Dark 2's folding text markers
    * Uses square tabs in project view with Green accents

The whole list is in the zip readme

Check it Out Green Moleskine UI for TextMate at Gatorworks.net