Error with Cucumber 'Run Feature'

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Error with Cucumber 'Run Feature'

If I have the cursor in front of my defined feature, and enter
'Cntrl + r'

I get the following output:

C:\Program Files\e\Bundles\Cucumber.tmbundle\Support\lib\cucumber\mate\runner.rb:62:in `chdir': can't convert nil into String (TypeError) from C:\Program Files\e\Bundles\Cucumber.tmbundle\Support\lib\cucumber\mate\runner.rb:62:in `in_project_dir' from C:\Program Files\e\Bundles\Cucumber.tmbundle\Support\lib\cucumber\mate\runner.rb:51:in `run' from C:\Program Files\e\Bundles\Cucumber.tmbundle\Support\lib\cucumber\mate\runner.rb:28:in `run_feature' from /tmp/cucumber-7940.rb:5

So, nothing.

The offending line in runner.rb is:

Dir.chdir(@project_directory, &block)

The instance variable @project_directory is set in initialize:

module Cucumber
module Mate

class Runner

def initialize(output, project_directory, full_file_path, cucumber_bin = nil, cucumber_opts=nil)

@project_directory = project_directory


Why wouldn't Runner get initialized, or project_directory passed to it?