Code Style WITHIN PHP Quoted Strings?

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Code Style WITHIN PHP Quoted Strings?

Does TextMate or perhaps another text editor support CODE STYLE within PHP quoted strings with the following syntax or a similar syntax:


where FILETYPE is the extension on the file.

ie) php_css.php
$dark = true;
echo /*CSS*/'
font {
      '/*CSS*/ . $dark ? /*CSS*/'color: black;'/*CSS*/ : /*CSS*/'color:
white;'/*CSS*/ . '
      size: 20px;
      margin-top: 40px;

Text Editor NOTES:
- You can NOT really see the code style in this post so let me explain.
- All code SHOULD have php code style by default.
- All code in between the /*CSS*/' and '/*CSS*/ SHOULD have css code
style. (NOT a single solid color for a quoted string.)

I have also posted this question at: